Wild Medicine
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Wildheart Animals

Badger -


‘Badger is a creature of the moon and dances beneath the stars…She is the wild nature of the moon and earth interwoven’. ...

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Bear -


Remember your Ancestors through me. Bear will support a person in recognizing their ancestral, family wounds or negative patterns. She is de...

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Butterfly -


Lightness of spirit reminding us of the sweetness and delight of life. Butterfly supports change and new beginnings. She assists as you spin...

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Deer -


Let the sun shine into your heart, fill your mind and body with joy. Gently walk the earth and know you are protected, call on Stag for prot...

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Fox -


I stir things up so you may see a new perspective. Fox assists in healing with play, laughter and being at one with nature. He says to look ...

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Owl -


Fear me not for I shine light and show you your own wisdom, guiding you to your nectar, your sweetness, your treasure. Owl assists when seek...

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Raven -


Know Thyself, know your wildness and rejoice – if you seek the truth, call on Raven. Raven supports your own life story then bringing ...

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Snake -


Drink of my poison and I will show you your Truth. I will tear away your illusions and bring you back to your heart. Snake is supportive at ...

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Swan -


I sacrifice myself for the pain of the World so it may be transformed into love and wisdom. Swan supports a person through transformation, s...

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Wild Horse -

Wild Horse

Believe in your power for you must learn to ride and control it. The White Stallion of assists a person with directness, confidence and clar...

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Wolf -


The call of the wild...Heart of Fire, Heart of Snow Ill warm your hearts with my passion and keep you snug with my thick lush pelt...run wit...

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