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A to Z of Essences

  • Aconite - Fearless -

    Cheerful, happy, confident. When there is shock and trauma,feeling daunted or overwhelmed ...Aconite helps to cheerfully cope, giving courage and confidence. Overcomes shyness. Its bright golden energy is the first to shine at the beginning of the year; its boldness knows no bounds.

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  • Apple Blossom - Rejuvenation -

    Absolute nourishment and a restorative.When feeling exhausted, depleted or jaded ...Apple Blossom offers succour and replenishment. Gently restoring Feminine essence. Spiritual Rehydration Essence.Fresh and scrumptious, it carries the magic of Avalonian Apple trees.

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  • Blackthorn - Survival -

    Survival in adversity.When feeling panic or in times of crisis...Blackthorn helps us to cope, so that we instinctively know how to proceed. Heightens our ability to make choices. Awakens the survival instinct. Resilience.

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  • Black Bryony - Vitality -

    Clean, balanced life force. When experiencing lack of vitality and strength ...Black Bryony restores energy, vigour and passion. Energy Tonic, immediate pick up.The vigorous growth of Black Bryony with its profusion of shoots and tendrils offers a good doctrine of signatures for this plant.

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  • Celtic Bluebell - Inner Truth - Embodiment of wild medicine archetype. When out of touch with own inherent natural free spirit...Bluebell helps restore the sense of connection with own individual archetypal blueprint, and realigns us with our ‘true north’. Appreciation of Ancestral roots. View product »
  • Bramble Blossom - Wisdom - Elegant, wise and perceptive. When suffering inner weariness, procrastination or lack of confidence...Bramble Blossom gives inspiration to change direction and find a new vocation or career, or choose a new life path, to study and learn new skills. Gives a fresh perspective and the confidence to make new decisions about life. View product »
  • Blue Moon Chamomile - Gentleness -

    Soothing, peaceful balm. When feeling vulnerable or uncentred ...Blue Moon Chamomile enables us to listen to and respect our own needs. Being gentle with oneself.

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  • Blue Moon Lime - Manifestation -

    The Emperor/Empress tree, magnificent, wise and strong. When feeling world weary,inexperienced or ineffectual... Blue Moon Lime focuses us to become organised in our work and gives us the energy and ability to vision, plan and carry through and create a healthy, abundant life style or business.

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  • Calm Allies -

    Supporting clarity and perspective. Flowers that bring peace,centredness, support and calm.Ingredients - Copper Beech, Marigold, Nettle, Periwinkle, Snowdrop, Yarrow.

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  • Elderberry - Life Blood -

    A true Elder. Full of vitality and enrichment...When feeling depleted on any level ~ Elderberry fills our veins with Life Force and a deeply healing sense of nourishment. Its whole-hearted goodness and generosity gives us a surge of revitalising energy. Elderberry also gives us wise counsel, feeding us with the rich vein of timeless,magical healing and information that is its gift. Wonderful protection when feeling vulnerable to seasonal changes. Like a blood transfusion for body and soul.

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  • Bugle - Inspiration - Clear, optimistic and aware. When feeling helpless, pessimistic or disempowered...Bugle enables us to trust in the moment, and be inspired to take positive action. Bugle heightens our intuition and visioning. It encourages us to walk our talk. Living lightly on the Earth. Power of intention. View product »
  • Baby Love -

    Support for Babies. Nurturing, nourishing and comforting.Buttercup, Chamomile, Marigold, Mullein, Peach, Wild Dead Nettle.

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  • Pink Bluebell - Sacred Heart - Ultimate heart Healer. Mary/Christ energy,Sacred fusion. When feeling separation, or when our heart is contracted...Pink Bluebell melts our hearts open again healing heartache and heartbreak. Spring of the heart, eternally renewing its magic and hope. View product »
  • Bo Tree Deva - Being - The Golden Buddha Tree. When feeling out of touch with our own Being and Sacredness...Bo Tree helps to connect our own Inner Flame, and the Divine Heart within. View product »
  • Cedar - Strength - Positively masculine, with effortless strength and good humour.When feeling a lack of male energy or feeling unwilling or unable to do what is needed...Cedar provides practical energy, enthusiasm and the ability to get things done. View product »
  • Buttercup - Love - Pure, melting, golden Love. When feeling contractrd or unloved...Buttercup helps us to be open to receive and experience Love. Restores Self Esteem. Deep warmth and contentment. Excellent Solar Plexus balance. View product »
  • Comfrey - Full Spectrum Healing - Brother/Sister to humankind. Willing and able Servant.When feeling unable to manage what is needed for one’s own self-healing...Comfrey holds and sustains us, moulding to any circumstance or need. A multi-faceted healer with many qualities. A Master Teacher. View product »
  • Copper Beech - Understanding - Calm, dignified and supportive. When feeling isolated, homesick or lonely...Copper Beech teaches us that home is within, and gives us the dignity to accept unfamiliar situations. Copper Beech gives us the strength to change what we need to in our lives, and the Grace to accept the things we cannot change. View product »
  • Dandelion - Encouragement - Irresistible, positive and encouraging.When feeling despondent or discouraged, timid or shy...Dandelion helps us to be joyful, optimistic and confident and enables us to seize the moment and enjoy life. View product »
  • Dandelion Clock - Freedom -

    Magical Movement.When feeling earthbound or stuck in a rut...Dandelion Clock enables us to find our wings and fly free.

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  • Early Purple Orchid - Transformation - Deeply, silkily, transforming. Where there is resistance to change...Early Purple Orchid enables us to move up and onto another level. Integrating us with our life purpose. Rebirth. View product »
  • Eggstone - Earth Connection - The Earth as mystical.When feeling lack of connection with nature and all things wild...Eggstone helps us reconnect to the deep mysteries of the Earth. Openness. View product »
  • Elderflower - Celebration -

    Exuberant celebration.When feeling unsociable, or out of touch with family or friends ...Elderflower encourages us to nourish our friendships and celebrate community. Elderflower reminds us to take the opportunity to come together and have fun, add some sparkle to life. Celebrate the great Celtic festivals of the Earth.

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  • Garlic Deva - Confidence - Caring, confident, positive energy.When feeling out of balance, doubtful about own healing potential or convalescing...Garlic gives us a cheerful, brisk, no nonsense attitude, and confidence that we will soon recover. View product »
  • Goat Willow - Original Innocence - Making whole where there is lost innocence.When there has been loss of physical autonomy due to issues from the past...Goat Willow helps to restore wholesome natural balance. Physical intimacy. Joy. View product »
  • Gog - Peace - Bliss. Joyful surrender. Stillness.When feeling anxious or irritable, or in a painful or difficult situation...Gog allows us to deeply surrender to the moment, and access our own Inner Peace. Find our own Bliss. View product »
  • Hazel Catkin - Sustaining -

    Simple nourishing goodness.When life seems a struggle, busy from the cradle to the grave...Hazel reminds us to slow down and enjoy the simple homely pleasures of life. Walking, gathering berries, baking bread, collecting wood for the fire. Groundedness. Everyday bushcraft.

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  • Gorse - Self Confidence - Nectar and sweet perfection co exist happily amid the prickles of life.When experiencing low self-esteem, feeling despondent or invisible...Gorse helps us to recognise the light within that is always here, constant unconditional Love. View product »
  • Hellebore Deva - Healing Grief - Calm, soothing, kindness. When in a state of grief, sadness or pining...Hellebore soothes our sorrow, and then helps us to sense the natural end to grief and when to move on. Deep Healing. View product »
  • Hogweed - Creativity - Creative, inspirational, daydreaming.When we analyse, judge or think too much about our own creativity or lack of it...Hogweed teaches timeless living in the moment. Allowing ourselves space, natural creativity arises. Dreaming our own unique creative path. View product »
  • Mullein - Comforting - A good fortune friend.When feeling unloved, fearful of lack, or feeling unworthy...Mullein deeply supports, opening our receptivity to good, bringing appreciation of friends and benefactors, and healing family wounds. View product »
  • Thrift - True Abundance - Tenacity, living on the elements. Minimalist, strong and optimistic.When consumer society rules and materialism overwhelms us...Thrift enables us to enjoy living mimimally, rising to the challenge. Living and working towards asustainable future, and loving it, Thriving. View product »
  • Holy Thorn - Holiness - Embodiment of Holiness.Surrendering to Selfless Service. Christ Essence. An Instrument of Peace. When overwhelmed with worldly responsibilities...Holy Thorn reminds us to draw strength from our own Divine Essence, choosing to serve willingly and selflessly, becoming an instrument of Peace View product »
  • Horsetail - Release - Lively, natural sweeper away of the old. Celebrates new beginnings.When stuck in the past or feeling unable to take the first step...Horsetail encourages gentle release of the old, and enables us to experience life as clean sheet. View product »
  • Ivy - Support - Holding, supporting and strengthening with Love. When convalescing, in illness, feeling frail or unsupported...Ivy enables us to feel 'held' connected and supported. Restores asense of dignity. View product »
  • Jasmine - Inner Beauty - Intense,Joyous and Sweethearted.When feeling unloved of unlovable...Jasmine reminds us of our own sweetness and light and enables us to shrug off the blues and rejoice in the beauty and love within. View product »
  • King Oak - Service - Great Integrity whilst under duress. When taking life or work too seriously, feeling overburdened, or overresponsible for others...King Oak has the ability to help us take astep back, renew perspective, and allow space for our own life. Feeding the still, small flame within. View product »
  • Lotus Deva - Expansiveness - Bright, ecstatic, expansive.When unable to see our own perfection and the vast potential of life...Lotus opens us to the limitless possibilities for expression in the world. Lotus helps us see our own brilliance and to trust in our own intuition. Lotus connects us with Cosmic consciouness, expanding perspective. View product »
  • Magog - Ecstacy - Life is an adventure to be lived.When feeling bored, disheartened or introverted...Magog awakens in us the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. View product »
  • Marigold - Calming - St Mary's Gold. Calm, radiant and healing. When ill, feeling uncared for or broken hearted...Marigold is a healing balm for the soul, kind, caring and calm. Confidence in the healing process. Safe in good hands. View product »
  • Milk Thistle - Protection - Glorious ally and protector. Powerful. A Star Child. When feeling threatened or fearing of any form of attack...Milk Thistle restores faith and courage. Light hearted good will. Absolute protector. View product »
  • Mistletoe - Hope - Golden Optimism.When feeling lost or apprehensive...Mistletoe helps us to feel hopeful and see promise for the future. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. View product »
  • Nettle - Courage - The gallant knight. No issue too big. When feeling nervous, shy or vulnerable...Nettle gives courage to work with any challenge, and helps us to believe we can suceed. View product »
  • Old Man's Beard - Sense of Humour - Joy and humour in passing cycles.When holding on to old ideas and resisting letting go...Old Man's Beard helps us to appreciate each moment and take life lightly. Surrendering to what is. Moving on. View product »
  • Peach Deva - Nourishment - Concentrated, golden energy.When tired, weak or convalescing...Peach Deva deeply nourishes and replenishes. Encourages healing. Restorative. View product »
  • Periwinkle - Clarity - Clear, starlike Glastonbury energy. Grace.When indecisive, confused or lacking direction...Perewinkle helps with fresh insight, and inspiring thoughts and ideas. Intuition, focus and perception. View product »
  • Pink Convolvulus - Spontaneity - Friendly, light hearted and spontaneous. When nervous about travelling and exploring new horizons...Pink Convolvulus enables us to go with the flow and approach life in amore easy going and spontaneous way, enhancing our life with freedom of movement. Flexibility. View product »
  • Plantain - Regeneration - Mending and making good.Plantain encourages a healthy recovery process. Willing and able Healer. View product »
  • Primrose in Snow - Restorative - Miso soup for the soul. When exhausted, tired, 'wintered out'...Primrose restores energy and enthusiasm for life, and gives strength to start again after the 'winter'. Nature springs eternal. View product »
  • Red Clover - Forgiveness - Optomistic and sweet. When feeling pessimistic or thinking negatively about a person or situation...Red Clover helps us to see the gift in each situation, and feel more inclined to take the positive view. View product »
  • Rowan - Reconciliation -

    Experienced and wise, taking care of our selves and own kin. When there is unrest or lack of balance and safety in the family or community, or when there is need for carefully considered communication...Rowan helps tp restore eqanimity. Helps us to take responsibility for ourselves, tapping into new and ancient wisdom to solve problems and misunderstandings. Faith in our ability to negotiate and obtain a fair and peaceful outcome.

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  • Snowdrop - Simplicity - Calm, clear and poised. When feeling stressed, or that life is overcomplicated, or too busy...Snowdrop helps us to live more simply, by creating space for ourselves. Less is more. Purity. View product »
  • St. John's Wort - Spiritual Healing - Affinity to the Sun/Son, friendly. Absolute Healer. When ill, convalescing or with a disability...St John's Wort initiates working co-creatively with nature as the healer. Realigning us with the healing process. nature can heal anything. View product »
  • Speedwell - Positive - Quicksilver energy. When experiencing sudden illness, or in fear of catching colds or becoming ill...Speedwell renews confidence in the natural defences of the body to heal and 'zap' illness. The quick recovery service. View product »
  • Thistle - Self Respect - Self Respecting and Respectful. When there is a tendency to be put down or be put upon, or to put down others...Thistle enables us to be both self respecting and respectful. maintains good boundaries. Self-Assertive. View product »
  • Watermelon Deva - Fertility - Abundant Mama. When there is loss of inspiration and juice, or a sense of fruitlessness... Watermelon opens us up and helps us to become more receptive to new ideas and the creative flow. Encourages fertility in every dimension. Supports pregnancy. View product »
  • Wild Rose - Joy - Joy, Simplicity and Love. When worn out or experiencing lack of inner peace...Wild Rose blesses us with pure joy, and helps us to understand how peace and simplicity offer the key to happiness. Pure Love. View product »
  • White Deadnettle - Nurturing -

    Tenderly supporting. Like mother's milk. When feeling lack or separation, when weaning babies...White Deadnettle gently nurtures us and teaches us how to support ourselves. Growing up.

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  • White Violet - Sensitive - A Sensitive, with instictive knowing and understanding of plant kingdom and lore. When not seen or understood. Feeling unusual and not enjoying it...White Violet helps to feel at ease with oneself, accepting and valuing our own unique qualities. View product »
  • Yellow Flag - Support for the Soul - Invisible support network. Archangels for the human realm. When afraid to stand away from the norm and be different...Yellow Flag fills us with inner sureness, feeling safe to stand out from the crowd, enabling us to do the right thing at the right time. Feeling part of the invisible Family of Light. Being Yourself. View product »
  • Yarrow - Good Boundaries - The Peace Maker. Quiet, dignified strength, teaches respect. When there is difficulty coping with boundary issues or confrontation...Yarrow helps with a natural understanding of boundaries, treating all with dignity and respect. Able to see all sides of a situation and reconcile differences of opinion. Natural justice. View product »
  • Courage Allies -

    Supporting Inner Strength and confidence. Flowers which restore positive outlook and self-belief in testing times.Ingredients - Aconite, Blackthorn,Bugle,Cedar, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Nettle, Speedwell.

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  • Glastonbury Blessings -

    Assists in connecting with the Essence of Avalon.Ingredients - Apple Blossom, Blue Moon Lime, Egg Stone, Gog, Holy Thorn,King Oak, Magog, Perewinkle.

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  • Healing Allies -

    Supporting the healing process. Flowers that bring multifaceted healing for acute and chronic conditions.Comfrey, Garlic, Marigold,Milk Thistle, Mullein,Nettle,Peach,Plantain, St John's wort.

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  • Pure Love -

    Supporting with Love.Flowers that bring Love, Heart Healing and Joy.Ingredients - Buttercup, Gorse, Jasmine, Pink Bluebell, Pink Campion and Wild Rose.

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  • Man Allies -

    Support for the Masculine.Flowers that encode the masculine principle.Ingredients - Aconite, Cedar, Dandelion,Mistletoe, Nettle.

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  • Rescue and Recovery -

    Supporting Recovery in accident, illness and any stressful situation. Flowers that bring composure, reassurance and healing.Ingredients - Aconite, Blackthorn,Comfrey, Marigold,Milk Thistle, Nettle, Peach, Speedwell.

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  • Mother Love -

    Support for Mothers.A rejuvenating and nourishing Essence,which also brings wisdom and confidence.

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  • Woman Allies -

    Support for the Feminine. Flowers which are encoded with the Feminine Principle.Apple Blossom, Bluebell,Bramble, Jasmine,Lotus.

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  • Divine Conception -

    Assists Conscious Conception. Flowers which balance the masculine and feminine energies, and enhance a joyful union.Ingredients - Cedar, Goat Willow, Jasmine, Lotus, Mistletoe, Rose, Watermelon and Wild Rose.

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  • Divine Union -

    Support for the Soul. Flowers that encourage Divine connection and spiritual growth.Ingredients - Bo Tree, Bugle, Gorse, Holy Thorn, Lotus, Marigold,Perewinkle,Pink Bluebell and Wild Rose.

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  • Children's Allies -

    Support for young People. Flowers that bring wisdom, self confidence,joy and appreciation of boundaries.Bramble, Buttercup, Copper Beech, Lotus, Marigold, Mullein, Nettle, Periwinkle, White Violet, Yarrow.

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  • Iona Blessings -

    Assists in connection with the Essence of Iona.Ingredients - Comfrey, Early Purple Orchid, ink Bluebell, Thrift, Yellow Flag.

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  • Sacred Earth -

    Blessings of Love and Gratitude for the Earth. Celebrating Wild Nature, balancing, creating, making good, refreshing and renewing. Flowers which are Light Workers specifically for Mother Nature.Ingredients - Cow Parsley, Lady Smock, Ramsons.

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  • Pure Joy -

    Supporting with pure Golden Energy, uplifting. Flowers that are encoded with strong, golden, sun energy. Also available as an Aura Spray, containing Essential Oils of Neroli, Orange and Petitgrain - from the flower, fruit and twig of the Orange TreeIngredients - Aconite, Buttercup, Dandelion, Gorse, Marigold, Mullein, Primrose, St John's Wort, Yellow Flag.

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  • Pure Peace -

    Supporting calmness, peacefulness and rest. Flowers with a silvery, Moon energy. Ingredients - Blue Moon Chamomile, Cow Parsley, Gog, Hogweed, Jasmine, Snowdrop, White Deadnettle, Yarrow.

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  • New Beginnings -

    Assists in embracing change. Flowers that inspire, inform and encourage the next steps.Ingredients - Aconite,Blue Moon Lime, Bramble, Cedar, Dandelion Clock, Early Purple Orchid, Horsetail, Lotus,Morning Glory, Perewinkle.

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  • Creative Inspiration -

    Encourages the creative process. Flowers which promote inspiration,expansiveness and manifestation.Bluebell, Blue Moon Lime, Bugle,Cedar, Early Purple Orchid, Hogweed, Watermelon,Whistman's Wood.

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  • Pure Joy Aura Spray -

    Supporting with Rising Sun Energy. Uplifting. Essential Oils of Neroli, Orange and Pettigrain. Flowers that are encoded with strong golden energy in the Flower Essences of  Aconite, Buttercup, Gorse, Marigold, Mullein, St John's Wort, Yellow Flag.

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  • Pure Peace Aura Spray -

    All of our most silvery, Moon energy flowers and beautiful Essential Oils of Chamomile, Lemon and Jasmine to encourage calmness, peacefulness and rest.With Flower Essences of Blue Moon Chamomile, Cow Parsley, Gog, Hogweed, Jasmine, Snowdrop, White Deadnettle, Yarrow.

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  • Red Campion - Generosity - Pure sweetness, generously giving and loving. When our batteries are low and it's hard to be the Love that we are ...Red Campion refills us heart and soul, plumps up our heart to its original innocence and fullness. View product »
  • Lichen - Groundedness - Timeless, ageless,earthed and rooted in stone.When feeling that our feet don't touch the ground, life is too fast, unearthed, scattered...Lichen gently restores us to Earth, reminds us to be slow and patient and measured in all we do. Rooted in stone,living patiently in trust. View product »
  • Three Cornered Garlic - Transience - Fleeting wayside beauty,living, loving and letting go. When over-attached to life's outcomes, prospects and attainments ...Three Cornered Garlic helps us to take a step back, see the impermanence in all things. Able to see and be ourselves with humility. Like a butterfly, we are beauty and we are gone. View product »
  • Sweet Violet - Cosmic Attunement - When life as we see it doesn't make sense and answers are hard to find ~Sweet Violet reminds us to make use of the huge, cosmic intelligence available to us and knowledge far beyond our humaness. View product »
  • Woad - Power - An Arrow of Strength,steely determination, single-mindedness.When feeling powerless, low energy, not up to the task at hand...Woad gives strength to commit to what is right and follow through to completion.Immense strength. View product »
  • Foxglove - The Clarion Call - An army of strengths to fill the heart with courage. When feeling weak and unable to go on ...Foxglove reminds us that we have only to open our hearts and ask for help and it is given. Foxglove gives us a renewed lifeforce to carry out what needs to be done. An army of strength. "Ask and I am yours." View product »
  • Rose - The Mother - The Mother of all things.When feeling lost amidst the struggle of the world...Rose is the emblem of eternal Hope and Beauty. Always here and never changing. Always Loving.She balances the masculine and the feminine, Heaven and Earth. "I am the link..." View product »
  • Sunflower - Self Belief - Hopeful, courageous, willing. When despairing or filled with self-doubt...Sunflower deeply sustains us on every level, encouraging us on. Ability to endure and survive.Son/Father archetype. Self belief. View product »
  • Morning Glory - New Vision - Beckons us to explore new horizons. When feeling ready for new experiences...Morning Glory takes us beyond the ordinary. Helping to open the brow chakra to receive new information and insights, expanding our capacity to absorb new ideas. View product »
  • Wistmans Wood - Sanctity in Nature - Utterly in own integrity.Oaks, Rowans, Ferns, Lichens and Mosses entangle together in Love. When unsure of own sense of Self and auric boundaries ...Wistmans Wood restores integrity and primitive lifeforce. We can thrive in the eternal safety of limitless co-creation and co-operation with Gaia. Wonderful for wild areas in gardens too. View product »
  • Pure Love Aura Spray -

    All of our most Love filled, heart opening flowers and beautiful Essential Oils of Bergamot, Geranium Bourbon and Rose Absolute

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  • Hawthorn ~ Angel of the Heart -

    Overlighting Angelic Presence, Heart Tonic of the Highest Order.As Lightworkers of the World, our work is constant, we soar on the wings of change and its many challenges, should we tire or falter, Hawthorn washes through our energy bodies filling our hearts with Light.Hawthorn’s Devic presence is a rainbow shining, its blossoms are white wings enfolding us and reminding us, through its beauty and truth, that there is an ever-constant supply of Love returning to us. We are part of a network of Light.

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  • Ash ~ Light Heart -

    Humorous and Light-Hearted, a tree of many parts, strong and worthy outside and quicksilver light within. When everyday practicalities are a challenge to our spiritual lifeAsh reminds us that we need both aspects to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

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  • Alder ~ The Guardian -

    Magical, a Faery Tree, protective and Loving. When feeling we need a deeper understanding of a situation ...

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  • Willow ~ Renewal - An Anchor, stout, Earthy, rooted, strong and stabilising, yet flexible and vibrant with new growth and regenerative power. When faced with change or upset, big decisions to be made or beginning anew, Willow keeps us grounded and calms the troubled waters View product »
  • Divine Pregnancy -

    Love and Light from our most juicy, supportive and nurturing Essences for the growing baby and mama during pregnancy.Essence of Apple Blossom, Copper Beech, Ivy, Marigold, Mullein, Peach and Watermelon.

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  • Divine Birth -

    Gives blessings of strength and support for the birthing process.

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  • Yew - Ageless wisdom of the ancestors, Constancy and following through. When there is feeling of transcience, impermanence or intransigence...Yew roots and grounds us with its own ancient strength and its ability to source endurance. Yew offers us its Great Wisdom to feel answers and to gain understanding from deep within our own hearts, and holds the lantern of Truth and Love to guide us on our way. View product »
  • Holly -

    A protective and revitalising force. When we are depleted or facing a'winter of discontent'...Holly's shining evergreen radiance is a strong presence, enabling us to see and intuit with a holy knowing, restoring Sweetness and Goodness to our experience.

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  • Comforting Allies - View product »
  • Silver Birch -

    Transparent, formless, rich with potential... When feeling constrained by the expectations of other's or having a limited view of our life...Silver Birch takes us to a place of innocence and newborn trust, allowing the Holy Essence of Life to flow freely and reconnecting us with fertile new energy and limitless potential.

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  • Capricorn ~ The path of Selflessness and Goodness -

    Capricorn is the wise teacher of right thinking. If we are confused or tempted to act in a way which threatens our integity, we can absorb the shining pure light of Capricorn’s wisdom and be assured of following the correct path. We persevere, we are held close if we stumble, ever moving forwards, becoming strong and stead fast. Our spirits are filled with courage. We walk the righteous path in the Divine Conciousness which is our birthright. The shining light of heaven shows us the way on our path.

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  • Aquarius ~ An Elixir of New Beginnings -

    Aquarius offers us a vast matrix of information. Good humouredly giving us the confidence to try something different.
    If we crave change but are nervous about moving forward in our life, or if we feel stuck or uninspired, Aquarius awakens a deep understanding, and opens us to new ideas for a true way of being. Aquarius lights the flame of who we wish to be, beginning a new creative dance of life, an understanding and opening up to a brave new world. This is the path of Soul level Evolution.

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  • Pisces ~ Resolution and Healing -

    Pisces reminds us that life is transient. Understanding this helps us see our own life as more real and precious. We become more forgiving and compassionate to others. When bogged down by emotion, Pisces clears a way through allowing us to see both the imperfections and the inherent beauty in everything. Deeply Healing. When we honestly look at the shadows we can become the light. Illumination of the dark, as with Love all is peacefully healed Navigating our inner depths with love and understanding, all can be healed with compassion. Final

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  • Aries ~ Momentum, Boldness, Empowerment -

    Propels us forward in life. Urging us to jump into the unknown full of trust. When new projects need to be born, and there is procrastination, low energy or defeatism. Aries is dynamic, calling us to action, filling us with vitality, power and boldness. This is the Spiritual Warrior of the heart, filling us with courage striding forwards into new life.

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  • Taurus ~ The way of beauty, the quintessence of Love -

    Taurus helps with the fulfilment of our potential, and being true to oneself. When we have lost sight of the beauty within ourselves, Taurus releases potential in us when we thought there was none. Nourishing the parts of us that society and upbringing have neglected, with gentleness and love. Reawakening love and self respect, the unseen seeds of our soul begin ripening and germinating, our Hearts expanding and healing. It is time to Flower and Blossom, growing rich new seeds of creativity within our hearts.

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  • Gemini ~ Honesty, Truth, Freedom - With lighthearted Sweetness Gemini can melt all problems, and can temper all stubbornness and difficulty. When life seems too serious or challenging, Gemini is like a joyful young knight coming to lighten the way, helping us take on massive challenges and work with them effortlessly. We can learn to become more open, and embrace a new lighter way of being. With bright active intelligence, Gemini frees us to live our lives with honesty and integrity. Shining Light and Love of the world, opening us to a brave new way of being. View product »
  • Cancer ~ Nourishment, Mother Love, Constancy -

    An ambrosial taste of the safeness of Mother Love. We can all imbibe this sweetness and safety, filling our veins with warmth and nourishment. When we are exhausted or stressed, Cancer fills us with healing, as we melt into the arms of the Mother we feel safe, and we find sanctuary, Our cup overflows from a wellspring goodness. This is Mother’s nurturing soul food, and the blissful warm Essence of Summer.

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  • Leo ~ Valour, Braveness, Fearlessness -

    The rightful King is led by his heart. Regal, strong, friendly and fearless. Filling us with joy and trust to embark on our adventures. When there are fearful times in our lives, Leo offers to guide us on our way. Helping us to Light Flames of Fire within, bringing in light, heat and protection and burning away the old fears. We dare to open our hearts to the new, and they sing with joy as Leo Love streams in. This is the place of following our hearts, trusting in the protection of Leo, and the Oneness and integrity in all things

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  • Virgo ~ Awakens the Earth Mother into our life -

    Virgo brings us a cornucopia of Blessings, as a teacher and guide, and as a golden healing nectar for body and soul. When we are out of touch with our roots, Virgo connects us back to the deep Mother energies of the Earth, and awakens us. Virgo reminds us to walk the land with gratitude and respect, and work with the plant kingdom, gathering and foraging in natures abundant larder. As our Love, wisdom and connection to the land grows, we are healing Mother Earth, and our own healing begins. This is the beauty and generosity of harvest time, blessing us with its abundance and fulfilment.

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  • Libra ~ Liberates us with the truth of Heavenly Justice -

    Libra gives a clear perspective on life, like an overlighting Guardian. A Divine Dove restoring Peace. When we see unfairness in the world, Libra reminds us that the time of human judgement has passed, and we are now flowing from a place of Oneness and Love. When we work to balance light and dark in our lives and on the planet, Libra helps by activating our inherent wisdom. Our ability to live to our lives working for the highest good grows strong and true. The time of Peace and Unity has come.

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  • Scorpio ~ Transformation and Rebirth -

    Scorpio invites us to swim in the deep Sacredness of the Natural world, embracing us in the Sanctity and the evergreen Healing of its creative force. If we are suffering we can begin to heal by sitting quietly in Nature, and enrusting ourselves to Scorpio. We can start to enable the transformation of deep human pain. Dissolving old ways of being with a journey through the ‘other worlds’ that exist between heaven and earth. Wounds from the past are healing, and we are reborn as our hearts passionately awaken into new life.

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  • Sagittarius ~ Brings Joy and Playfulness -

    Sagittarius brings spontaneity and sparkling fire from Heaven, playing with our dual nature of wildness and humanity. When taking life too seriously, Sagittarius encourages us to explore the secret, untamed and joyful world of Nature with its wildness, freedom and magic. Allowing Sagittarian playfulness and spontaneity into our lives lifts our spirits and lightens our hearts. Happiness is to be found through its beauty, delight and joy. With its Elemental quality, Sagittarius is the home of the Nature Spirits, as well as our own Free Spirits.

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  • Wise Allies -

    Wise Allies helps us to access our deep knowing and innate wisdom to guide us on our journey through life. It can also help us to find the commitment and inner resources to enjoy learning new ideas and study.

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