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Sacred Trees

Hawthorn ~ Angel of the Heart -

Hawthorn ~ Angel of the Heart

Overlighting Angelic Presence, Heart Tonic of the Highest Order.As Lightworkers of the World, our work is constant, we soar on the wings of ...

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Hazel Catkin - Sustaining -

Hazel Catkin - Sustaining

Simple nourishing goodness.When life seems a struggle, busy from the cradle to the grave...Hazel reminds us to slow down and enjoy the simpl...

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Holly -


A protective and revitalising force. When we are depleted or facing a'winter of discontent'...Holly's shining evergreen radiance...

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Holy Thorn - Holiness -

Holy Thorn - Holiness

Embodiment of Holiness.Surrendering to Selfless Service. Christ Essence. An Instrument of Peace. When overwhelmed with worldly responsibilit...

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King Oak - Service -

King Oak - Service

Great Integrity whilst under duress. When taking life or work too seriously, feeling overburdened, or overresponsible for others...King Oak ...

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Magog - Ecstacy -

Magog - Ecstacy

Life is an adventure to be lived.When feeling bored, disheartened or introverted...Magog awakens in us the spirit of adventure and spontanei...

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Rowan - Reconciliation -

Rowan - Reconciliation

Experienced and wise, taking care of our selves and own kin. When there is unrest or lack of balance and safety in the family or community, ...

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Silver Birch -

Silver Birch

Transparent, formless, rich with potential... When feeling constrained by the expectations of other's or having a limited view of our li...

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Willow ~ Renewal -

Willow ~ Renewal

An Anchor, stout, Earthy, rooted, strong and stabilising, yet flexible and vibrant with new growth and regenerative power. When faced with c...

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Yew -


Ageless wisdom of the ancestors, Constancy and following through.
When there is feeling of transcience, impermanence or intransigence....

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