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Foxglove - The Clarion Call -

Foxglove - The Clarion Call

An army of strengths to fill the heart with courage. When feeling weak and unable to go on ...Foxglove reminds us that we have only to open ...

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Garlic Deva - Confidence -

Garlic Deva - Confidence

Caring, confident, positive energy.When feeling out of balance, doubtful about own healing potential or convalescing...Garlic gives us a che...

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Gorse - Self Confidence -

Gorse - Self Confidence

Nectar and sweet perfection co exist happily amid the prickles of life.When experiencing low self-esteem, feeling despondent or invisible......

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Hellebore Deva - Healing Grief -

Hellebore Deva - Healing Grief

Calm, soothing, kindness. When in a state of grief, sadness or pining...Hellebore soothes our sorrow, and then helps us to sense the natural...

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Hogweed - Creativity -

Hogweed - Creativity

Creative, inspirational, daydreaming.When we analyse, judge or think too much about our own creativity or lack of it...Hogweed teaches timel...

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Horsetail - Release -

Horsetail - Release

Lively, natural sweeper away of the old. Celebrates new beginnings.When stuck in the past or feeling unable to take the first step...Horseta...

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Ivy - Support -

Ivy - Support

Holding, supporting and strengthening with Love. When convalescing, in illness, feeling frail or unsupported...Ivy enables us to feel 'held'...

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Jasmine - Inner Beauty -

Jasmine - Inner Beauty

Intense,Joyous and Sweethearted.When feeling unloved of unlovable...Jasmine reminds us of our own sweetness and light and enables us to shru...

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Lichen - Groundedness -

Lichen - Groundedness

Timeless, ageless,earthed and rooted in stone.When feeling that our feet don't touch the ground, life is too fast, unearthed, scattered...Li...

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Lotus Deva - Expansiveness -

Lotus Deva - Expansiveness

Bright, ecstatic, expansive.When unable to see our own perfection and the vast potential of life...Lotus opens us to the limitless possibili...

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Marigold - Calming -

Marigold - Calming

St Mary's Gold. Calm, radiant and healing. When ill, feeling uncared for or broken hearted...Marigold is a healing balm for the soul, kind, ...

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Milk Thistle - Protection -

Milk Thistle - Protection

Glorious ally and protector. Powerful. A Star Child. When feeling threatened or fearing of any form of attack...Milk Thistle restores faith ...

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