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Mistletoe - Hope -

Mistletoe - Hope

Golden Optimism.When feeling lost or apprehensive...Mistletoe helps us to feel hopeful and see promise for the future. Seeing the light at t...

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Morning Glory - New Vision -

Morning Glory - New Vision

Beckons us to explore new horizons. When feeling ready for new experiences...Morning Glory takes us beyond the ordinary. Helping to open the...

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Mullein - Comforting -

Mullein - Comforting

A good fortune friend.When feeling unloved, fearful of lack, or feeling unworthy...Mullein deeply supports, opening our receptivity to good,...

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Nettle - Courage -

Nettle - Courage

The gallant knight. No issue too big. When feeling nervous, shy or vulnerable...Nettle gives courage to work with any challenge, and helps u...

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Old Man's Beard - Sense of Humour -

Old Man's Beard - Sense of Humour

Joy and humour in passing cycles.When holding on to old ideas and resisting letting go...Old Man's Beard helps us to appreciate each moment ...

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Peach Deva - Nourishment -

Peach Deva - Nourishment

Concentrated, golden energy.When tired, weak or convalescing...Peach Deva deeply nourishes and replenishes. Encourages healing. Restorative.

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Periwinkle - Clarity -

Periwinkle - Clarity

Clear, starlike Glastonbury energy. Grace.When indecisive, confused or lacking direction...Perewinkle helps with fresh insight, and inspirin...

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Pink Bluebell - Sacred Heart -

Pink Bluebell - Sacred Heart

Ultimate heart Healer. Mary/Christ energy,Sacred fusion. When feeling separation, or when our heart is contracted...Pink Bluebell melts our ...

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Pink Convolvulus - Spontaneity -

Pink Convolvulus - Spontaneity

Friendly, light hearted and spontaneous. When nervous about travelling and exploring new horizons...Pink Convolvulus enables us to go with t...

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Plantain - Regeneration -

Plantain - Regeneration

Mending and making good.Plantain encourages a healthy recovery process. Willing and able Healer.

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Primrose in Snow - Restorative -

Primrose in Snow - Restorative

Miso soup for the soul. When exhausted, tired, 'wintered out'...Primrose restores energy and enthusiasm for life, and gives strength to star...

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Red Campion - Generosity -

Red Campion - Generosity

Pure sweetness, generously giving and loving. When our batteries are low and it's hard to be the Love that we are ...Red Campion refills us ...

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