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Wild Flowers

Red Clover - Forgiveness -

Red Clover - Forgiveness

Optomistic and sweet. When feeling pessimistic or thinking negatively about a person or situation...Red Clover helps us to see the gift in e...

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Rose - The Mother -

Rose - The Mother

The Mother of all things.When feeling lost amidst the struggle of the world...Rose is the emblem of eternal Hope and Beauty. Always here and...

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Snowdrop - Simplicity -

Snowdrop - Simplicity

Calm, clear and poised. When feeling stressed, or that life is overcomplicated, or too busy...Snowdrop helps us to live more simply, by crea...

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Speedwell - Positive -

Speedwell - Positive

Quicksilver energy. When experiencing sudden illness, or in fear of catching colds or becoming ill...Speedwell renews confidence in the natu...

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St. John's Wort - Spiritual Healing -

St. John's Wort - Spiritual Healing

Affinity to the Sun/Son, friendly. Absolute Healer. When ill, convalescing or with a disability...St John's Wort initiates working co-creati...

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Sunflower - Self Belief -

Sunflower - Self Belief

Hopeful, courageous, willing. When despairing or filled with self-doubt...Sunflower deeply sustains us on every level, encouraging us on. Ab...

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Sweet Violet - Cosmic Attunement -

Sweet Violet - Cosmic Attunement

When life as we see it doesn't make sense and answers are hard to find ~Sweet Violet reminds us to make use of the huge, cosmic intelligence...

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Thistle - Self Respect -

Thistle - Self Respect

Self Respecting and Respectful. When there is a tendency to be put down or be put upon, or to put down others...Thistle enables us to be bot...

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Three Cornered Garlic - Transience -

Three Cornered Garlic - Transience

Fleeting wayside beauty,living, loving and letting go. When over-attached to life's outcomes, prospects and attainments ...Three Cornered Ga...

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Thrift - True Abundance -

Thrift - True Abundance

Tenacity, living on the elements. Minimalist, strong and optimistic.When consumer society rules and materialism overwhelms us...Thrift enabl...

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Watermelon Deva - Fertility -

Watermelon Deva - Fertility

Abundant Mama. When there is loss of inspiration and juice, or a sense of fruitlessness...

Watermelon opens us up and helps us ...

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White Deadnettle - Nurturing -

White Deadnettle - Nurturing

Tenderly supporting. Like mother's milk. When feeling lack or separation, when weaning babies...White Deadnettle gently nurtures us and ...

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