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Wild Flowers

White Violet - Sensitive -

White Violet - Sensitive

A Sensitive, with instictive knowing and understanding of plant kingdom and lore. When not seen or understood. Feeling unusual and not enjoy...

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Wild Rose - Joy -

Wild Rose - Joy

Joy, Simplicity and Love. When worn out or experiencing lack of inner peace...Wild Rose blesses us with pure joy, and helps us to understand...

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Wistmans Wood - Sanctity in Nature -

Wistmans Wood - Sanctity in Nature

Utterly in own integrity.Oaks, Rowans, Ferns, Lichens and Mosses entangle together in Love. When unsure of own sense of Self and auric bound...

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Woad - Power -

Woad - Power

An Arrow of Strength,steely determination, single-mindedness.When feeling powerless, low energy, not up to the task at hand...Woad gives str...

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Yarrow - Good Boundaries -

Yarrow - Good Boundaries

The Peace Maker. Quiet, dignified strength, teaches respect. When there is difficulty coping with boundary issues or confrontation...Yarrow ...

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Yellow Flag - Support for the Soul -

Yellow Flag - Support for the Soul

Invisible support network. Archangels for the human realm. When afraid to stand away from the norm and be different...Yellow Flag fills us w...

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