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Our intention in creating Wild Medicine is to encourage a deep understanding and respect for the Earth.

Wild Medicine Flower Essences open a co-creative relationship with Nature, which is mutually beneficial and rewarding.

Wild places and wild plants have strong healthy energy, and a wonderful natural intelligence. They have evolved in a way that maximises their chances of survival and capitalises on their unique qualities. This inherent Natural Wisdom is infused into every bottle of Wild Medicine Flower Essence, helping us also, to thrive and survive in this ever-changing world.

Sacred places also have their own special elemental energy, which is imparted into the wild plants growing there.

Into each bottle of Wild Medicine Flower essence is the potent alchemy of many ingredients ~ the Sacred Earth, pure spring Water, the power of the Sun and Moon and most of all the Devic energy and wisdom of the wild Plants and Trees.

Wild Medicine Flower Essences help us to find balance within and without. Whether we are looking for new beginnings, strength and courage, help to be the best we can be, healing and nurturing or wisdom and help to manifest our dreams in the world.

Restore your own Wild Nature and life energy with some drops of Wild Medicine Flower Essences.