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The Family Essences

Baby Love -

Baby Love

Support for Babies. Nurturing, nourishing and comforting.Buttercup, Chamomile, Marigold, Mullein, Peach, Wild Dead Nettle.

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Children's Allies -

Children's Allies

Support for young People. Flowers that bring wisdom, self confidence,joy and appreciation of boundaries.Bramble, Buttercup, Copper Beech, Lo...

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Divine Birth -

Divine Birth

Gives blessings of strength and support for the birthing process.

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Divine Conception -

Divine Conception

Assists Conscious Conception. Flowers which balance the masculine and feminine energies, and enhance a joyful union.Ingredients - Cedar, Goa...

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Divine Pregnancy -

Divine Pregnancy

Love and Light from our most juicy, supportive and nurturing Essences for the growing baby and mama during pregnancy.Essence of Apple Blosso...

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Divine Union -

Divine Union

Support for the Soul. Flowers that encourage Divine connection and spiritual growth.Ingredients - Bo Tree, Bugle, Gorse, Holy Thorn, Lotus, ...

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Healing Allies -

Healing Allies

Supporting the healing process. Flowers that bring multifaceted healing for acute and chronic conditions.Comfrey, Garlic, Marigold,Milk This...

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Man Allies -

Man Allies

Support for the Masculine.Flowers that encode the masculine principle.Ingredients - Aconite, Cedar, Dandelion,Mistletoe, Nettle.

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Mother Love -

Mother Love

Support for Mothers.A rejuvenating and nourishing Essence,which also brings wisdom and confidence.

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Pure Love -

Pure Love

Supporting with Love.Flowers that bring Love, Heart Healing and Joy.Ingredients - Buttercup, Gorse, Jasmine, Pink Bluebell, Pink Campion and...

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Rescue and Recovery -

Rescue and Recovery

Supporting Recovery in accident, illness and any stressful situation. Flowers that bring composure, reassurance and healing.Ingredients - Ac...

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Woman Allies -

Woman Allies

Support for the Feminine. Flowers which are encoded with the Feminine Principle.Apple Blossom, Bluebell,Bramble, Jasmine,Lotus.

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