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Sacred Trees

Alder ~ The Guardian -

Alder ~ The Guardian

Magical, a Faery Tree, protective and Loving. When feeling we need a deeper understanding of a situation ...

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Apple Blossom - Rejuvenation -

Apple Blossom - Rejuvenation

Absolute nourishment and a restorative.When feeling exhausted, depleted or jaded ...Apple Blossom offers succour and replenishment. Gently r...

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Ash ~ Light Heart -

Ash ~ Light Heart

Humorous and Light-Hearted, a tree of many parts, strong and worthy outside and quicksilver light within. When everyday practicalities are a...

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Blackthorn - Survival -

Blackthorn - Survival

Survival in adversity.When feeling panic or in times of crisis...Blackthorn helps us to cope, so that we instinctively know how to proceed. ...

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Blue Moon Lime - Manifestation -

Blue Moon Lime - Manifestation

The Emperor/Empress tree, magnificent, wise and strong. When feeling world weary,inexperienced or ineffectual... Blue Moon Lime focuses us t...

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Bo Tree Deva - Being -

Bo Tree Deva - Being

The Golden Buddha Tree. When feeling out of touch with our own Being and Sacredness...Bo Tree helps to connect our own Inner Flame, and the...

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Cedar - Strength -

Cedar - Strength

Positively masculine, with effortless strength and good humour.When feeling a lack of male energy or feeling unwilling or unable to do what ...

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Copper Beech - Understanding -

Copper Beech - Understanding

Calm, dignified and supportive. When feeling isolated, homesick or lonely...Copper Beech teaches us that home is within, and gives us the di...

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Elderberry - Life Blood -

Elderberry - Life Blood

A true Elder. Full of vitality and enrichment...When feeling depleted on any level ~ Elderberry fills our veins with Life Force and a deeply...

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Elderflower - Celebration -

Elderflower - Celebration

Exuberant celebration.When feeling unsociable, or out of touch with family or friends ...Elderflower encourages us to nourish our friendship...

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Goat Willow - Original  Innocence -

Goat Willow - Original Innocence

Making whole where there is lost innocence.When there has been loss of physical autonomy due to issues from the past...Goat Willow helps to...

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Gog - Peace -

Gog - Peace

Bliss. Joyful surrender. Stillness.When feeling anxious or irritable, or in a painful or difficult situation...Gog allows us to deeply surr...

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