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Whistmans WoodFor our planet Earth, and particularly at this time, it is important that we support Nature in the areas that are within our own domain. We can create wild places in our gardens, appreciate the beauty of our local patch where we take our walks, and feel compassion for places where spoiling and devastation have occurred through human ignorance.

Stating our intention to honour and appreciate the Earth is in itself powerful medicine. Next time you take a walk, try taking it s l o w l y, making time to be present with every step. We give to Nature when we become conscious of it, and become aware of the enormous Sacredness and wholeness in even a blade of grass or a small pebble… If you look at a Tree, really look, you give something to it. And it has something for you. It has been waiting for you. With every plant and tree that we have come to know, often through co-creating an Essence with it, comes the awareness of its vast wisdom and intelligence.

Some of the Plant Spirits that we work with specialise in working with the Nature Kingdom.

The Essences below can be given as an offering to plants and places.

Cow Parsley ~ Cow Parsley grows where nature spirits and fairies abound. If you want to attract more elemental energy to your garden, make sure there is a corner for some cow parsley.

Lady Smock ~ Lady Smock is a Lightworker, she represents Gaia, and is a reassuring sign that all is well,and that there is abundance of Prana (natural life force) to maintain or restore plant life.

Ramsons ~ Ramsons is the plant of Oxygen and renewal, it clears energy and breaks down the old and unhealthy, leaving the place fresh and new for the whole cycle to begin again.

We have combined these Essences into a wonderful Combination for any area that would benefit from some support, be it house plants, the garden, or areas of nature under duress...

Sacred Earth ~ available in a dropper bottle or as Elemental Misting Spray
Lady Smock, Cow Parsley, Ramsons
Celebrating Gaia, balancing, creating, making good, refreshing and renewing.