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Family Essences

Family Essences


Wild Medicine Family Essences are a perfect support for family life.

Our Divine range works with couples planning to conceive and supports them through conception, pregnancy and birth. Family life is joyous, but can be challenging and for those times we have Baby Love to nurture, nourish and comfort, followed by Children’s Love, Mother Love and Pure Love to enhance the beauty, love and joy of the experience.

Pure Peace Aura Spray is perfect for spraying in the room to assist with sleeping and Pure Joy Aura Spray is ideal for lifting spirits and energising when the going can be tough and our favourite, Pure Love is perfect for opening our hearts with warmth and Love.

Women’s and Men’s Allies help to bring us back to ourselves as parents, honouring the inner feminine and masculine.

Rescue and Recovery and Healing Allies are essential to have on hand for support with the inevitable shocks, traumas and physical and emotional healing which is all part of healthy family life.