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Launching our new Essence Ranges

In September 2010 we made the first Glastonbury Zodiac Essence. It was Virgo and we made it on the Fosse Way with Nicki, Casey, Sophie and Bahli ~ Casey's wonderful Mum. Angel clouds appeared in the skies and we were overcome with the abundance of Nature all around us, so many snails with their spirals of life on their backs. It was a wonderful year, full of learning and initiation as we met the Zodiac archetypes in the Landscape Temple of Glastonbury.

Our personal connections with the Zodiac ~ Casey

Bahli had had a deep connection with the Glastonbury Zodiac for many years and she’d told many stories of her great adventures out on the Land. These adventures all had magic and often great laughter woven into them…Just over two years ago we both felt inspired to start working with the Springs and Wells on the individual Giant Effigies and thus started my alchemical journey into the Sacred Landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac.
Bahli was already a wise woman of the Zodiac but I was a newbie and had much to learn.
We searched for many of the elusive Springs and Wells amongst the wild foliage, caught colds when it rained and felt joyous in the sunshine, all the while deepening our connection with the Land and it’s wisdom.
One morning during this magical time I awoke, dreaming of beautiful Energy Essences made from the Individual Zodiac signs within the Star Temple. The dreaming was very clear of whom we should work with and how to make them…so the Journey began, taking us down many paths, all so very different and all so full of magic, delight and deep insight.