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October Nature News

It is very mild and on Saturday I helped a toad across the road ! Did he think it is Spring ? In the hedgerows perfect pink Bramble Blossom is coming out, which it does periodically all summer, but this is late indeed... On walks, the Old Mans Beard has been spectacular. A small bunch picked earlier in the month opened out into creamy feathered froth within hours. It is incredibly beautiful close up. The same seed heads in the hedgerows are still in their silvery green whirlygig form. It is wonderful to have our new Essences sitting on the desk ready to begin working with. As well as Elderberry (see earlier post) we made Blackberry, Wild Apple, Hazelnut, Sloe and Rosehip. Over the winter we will be adding these beautiful new Essences into the Bramble, Apple Blossom, Hazel Catkin, Blackthorn and Wild Rose Essences, which were all made from the Blossoms or Catkins of those plants. For the most part the energetic messages of the Blossom and Fruit Essences have similar qualities. The Blossoms being more Etheric in nature and the Fruits being more robust and Earthy. The Elderberry Deva was an exception, having different qualities to the Elderflower. How we love the Elderberry Deva ! We will be adding Elderberry to the Essence pages to buy during November, so that its wonderful healing energies can be enjoyed by all during the winter.

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