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Sacred Planetary Essences!

It has long been our vision at Wild Medicine to extend our Essence range to include Sacred Power Centres around the Planet. Within this range we already have the Egg Stone of Glastonbury Tor and Uluru in Australia. While in Egypt last month I was blessed to be in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid on Samhain (31st October), and to be able to experience and make an Essence of the incredible energy which it contains. This energy can best be described as the Field of Unity Consciousness, which is imbued with Unconditional Love; within this space there is no separation and we are privileged to access and be part of Divine Consciousness. It is a very blissful and pure energy which works to expand our individual consciousness into the One and to refine and enlighten our body's own energy matrices. In this way it helps us to strengthen the network of Light around our Planet when we work with it consciously. The other Essence I made in Egypt was the Burning Bush from Mount Sinai. This is the bush which burned with fire as God spoke to Moses, "but the bush was not consumed". Now, St Catherine's Monastery stands here and the bush is very verdant and alive, it is the only one of its kind in Sinai and many pilgrims come to say their prayers before it and to feel the presence of God. It didn't feel right to take a sprig from the Bush, instead I noticed a perfect, green leaved twig which was lying at my feet and which felt like a gift, literally from God! My sense is that this Essence is for receiving the wisdom of God; for literally being given direction and guidance. Sophie

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