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Wild Craft of the Month - Spring Green Soup

Wild Craft of the Month - Spring Green Soup

This soup is the perfect Spring tonic, full of flavour and Life Force.

1 large leek washed and roughly sliced.

1 medium potato scrubbed and chopped.

Large handful of Nettle tops ( pick with rubber gloves if nervous of stings) from somewhere ‘clean’ like your own garden, washed…

Large handful of Organic baby Spinach leaves, washed.

Parsley and Chives from the garden.

Tablespoon of Olive Oil

1 teaspoon Marigold bouillon stock or similar to taste

Gently sweat the leek and potato in the Olive Oil with a good pinch of salt.

Add Water to cover by a couple of inches and add the boullion. Simmer until tender, adding a little more water if needed. Turn off the heat.

Cut the Nettle leaves from the stems if getting woody, and roughly chop the Spinach, add to the pan and give a quick stir for the last minute of cooking just to wilt them but keeping the Green look of them. Don’t worry if the nettles loose colour immediately, they will still impart their goodness and the Spinach, Chives and Parsley will hold their colour.

Allow to cool a little then place the Soup in a Nutribullet/blender and add the Parsley and Chives. Whizz until a thick creamy bright green puree.

Serve with a dollop of thick yoghourt and buttered toast.