Animal Essences

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Animal Essences
Nicki An Greenheart loves animals and nature. As well as working with the Plant kingdom and people, she works with family pets, rescue animals and with wildlife.

Flower Essences can be used very successfully on animals, giving an animal Rescue and Recovery helps them in case of accident, and whilst in recovery Healing Allies is wonderful. Timid animals do well on Courage Allies and stressed animals respond to Calm Allies.
Flower Essence drops can be given to animals directly by mouth or in drinking water. They can also be given topically, simply stroke a few drops between your palms and then smooth over the animals flanks in gentle circular movements.
You can choose from our list of Flower Essences and Combination Essences.
Alternatively please telephone me on 01497 821358 to discuss your animal's requirements, and an individual Essence Combination can be created especially for your pet.
Keeping bottles of Rescue and Recovery and Healing Allies in your medicine cupboard is a good standby for emergencies. Don’t forget that Flower Essences help your pet’s general well being, and can be given at anytime.