Children's Essences

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Sophie Knock has 4 children, all boys and born at home. At the moment they are nearly 9, 17, 20 and 22 years old. They have been brought up on natural medicine – herbs, homeopathy and flower essences.

Sophie and ChildChildren respond extremely well to Flower Essences, their energy bodies are very effective at absorbing the energy of the plants. Children are particularly sensitive, on every level of their being, and it is important to support them through the emotional, mental and spiritual challenges of childhood as well as the physical.

Children love taking the Essences and to choose a remedy together is a good way of allowing children to talk about what is bothering them and the issues that they would like to address. For all the inevitable upsets that occur in life, especially when the children are small, it is very useful to have a bottle of Rescue and Recovery Essence in your bag - for you and for them!

Children’s Allies Combination is another great all rounder for kids, it includes our favourite remedies for inner wisdom, security, confidence, strength, boundaries and clarity.

For more specific requirements have a look at the list below and please remember that we are happy to create a personal combination for your child if you would like to fill in the Personal Assessment form.