How We Make Our Essences

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The Flower Essences are made as the sun is rising, often on Full Moona and using freshly collected Chalice Well and White Spring Water.

Walking slowly and quietly looking, we begin to sense which plants are calling to work with us, they will be at their peak of perfection, and often appear to be particularly luminous. Flower and Bowl

Once a plant has been identified, permission is asked to make an Essence. Our crystal bowl is filled with the Spring water. Then a sprig of the plant is placed directly into the water, or sometimes the bowl is nestled at the base of the plant itself.
The Essence is left to infuse, the water often taking on a golden or silver sheen as it is transformed. As the Essence is making we attune with the Plant Spirit, to receive information about how the energy of the plant will be working with humankind.
Understanding of the Plant Medicine continues to grow for some time afterwards.

The Essence embodies the energy of the Rising Sun, the Full Moon, the Earth , Sacred Spring Water and the vast Devic intelligence of the Plants as well as the birdsong, mists and breezes that are present with us on the day.