Vibrational Medicine

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“The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self; to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm.”
Edward Bach
Vibrational Medicine
Image of Tree and Glastonbury Tor
Vibrational medicine is a relatively new discipline in the field of science. It encompasses homeopathy, radionics and flower essences and is based on Einstein’s understanding of the Universe as interconnecting cosmic fields of energy.

His discoveries in quantum physics revealed that all matter is vibration resonating at different frequencies. All matter is energy and light in its myriad forms and manifestations. This information was well known to our ancestors. They experienced human life as part of a much greater field of consciousness, in which a resonance exists between humanity and Nature, which allows for mutual awareness and communication.

The Memory of Water

Recently the Japanese Professor, Masaru Emoto, has shared with the world evidence of the effects of human consciousness and words on water through his photography of frozen water crystals. The water was exposed to either positive or negative vibrations - producing either beautiful or damaged snowflake patterns respectively. Water is the origin of all life, and both our bodies and the planet are composed of about 70% water.

Benveniste, a French Scientist, has proved that water has the ability to copy and memorise information through his studies of homeopathy. In this way, water enables the vibrational pattern of the plant (as opposed to their more physical or herbal applications) to be encoded in to the water to make a flower essence.

Flower Essences and working with Plant Spirit Allies can help the person to process any blocks or trauma in a gentle and supportive way. Their main sphere of action is usually on the emotional or spiritual body - where problems, if they arise and are not dealt with, can move down into the physical body. Flower essences contain no active ingredients, they are purely energetic, so they cannot conflict with any medication, but they can assist in bringing about profound shifts.

As Bach himself wrote, Flower Essences, “cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine.”