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Wild Flowers

Aconite - Fearless -

Aconite - Fearless

Cheerful, happy, confident. When there is shock and trauma,feeling daunted or overwhelmed ...Aconite helps to cheerfully cope, giving courag...

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Black Bryony - Vitality -

Black Bryony - Vitality

Clean, balanced life force. When experiencing lack of vitality and strength ...Black Bryony restores energy, vigour and passion. Energy Toni...

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Blue Moon Chamomile - Gentleness -

Blue Moon Chamomile - Gentleness

Soothing, peaceful balm. When feeling vulnerable or uncentred ...Blue Moon Chamomile enables us to listen to and respect our own needs. Bein...

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Bramble Blossom - Wisdom -

Bramble Blossom - Wisdom

Elegant, wise and perceptive. When suffering inner weariness, procrastination or lack of confidence...Bramble Blossom gives inspiration to c...

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Bugle - Inspiration -

Bugle - Inspiration

Clear, optimistic and aware. When feeling helpless, pessimistic or disempowered...Bugle enables us to trust in the moment, and be inspired ...

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Buttercup - Love -

Buttercup - Love

Pure, melting, golden Love. When feeling contractrd or unloved...Buttercup helps us to be open to receive and experience Love. Restores Self...

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Celtic Bluebell - Inner Truth -

Celtic Bluebell - Inner Truth

Embodiment of wild medicine archetype. When out of touch with own inherent natural free spirit...Bluebell helps restore the sense of connect...

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Comfrey - Full Spectrum Healing -

Comfrey - Full Spectrum Healing

Brother/Sister to humankind. Willing and able Servant.When feeling unable to manage what is needed for one’s own self-healing...Comfrey hold...

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Dandelion - Encouragement -

Dandelion - Encouragement

Irresistible, positive and encouraging.When feeling despondent or discouraged, timid or shy...Dandelion helps us to be joyful, optimistic an...

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Dandelion Clock - Freedom -

Dandelion Clock - Freedom

Magical Movement.When feeling earthbound or stuck in a rut...Dandelion Clock enables us to find our wings and fly free.

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Early Purple Orchid  - Transformation -

Early Purple Orchid - Transformation

Deeply, silkily, transforming. Where there is resistance to change...Early Purple Orchid enables us to move up and onto another level. Integ...

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Eggstone - Earth Connection -

Eggstone - Earth Connection

The Earth as mystical.When feeling lack of connection with nature and all things wild...Eggstone helps us reconnect to the deep mysteries o...

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